4/2/1 Detox Diet Day 1, Fasting

Day 1 421dd

I can’t believe how easy it felt to go through the fasting day, knowing that it was only going to be one day. I woke up relatively early, had some orange and ginger infused water and my pills, and then I quite happily went back to sleep for another half hour waiting for the pills to kick in.

Before breakfast, the two younger sons and our gorgeous dog took me to the park for a little morning exercise. I walked a little on the grass with my rollator, practised working my knees by “walking” whilst sitting in the wheelchair, and I did some wheeling on the tarmac. Then we headed home for a lovely smoothie made of mango, apple, pear, peach and orange.

We were out and about for a short while during the day, as we needed to get some shopping done. As this coincided  with lunch, we brought a green smoothie and had our lunch break at one of the many benches in our little city. For dinner, I made a warm tomato soup in the blender.

As this was a Monday, and I’m always feeling extremely rotten on Mondays, I went to bed early feeling accomplished and excited at the thought of tomorrow being a raw food day. I fell asleep thinking of mango… =)


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